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Lean On Me - D
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"Lean on Me" is a song written and recorded by American singer-songwriter Bill Withers. It was released in April 1972. Withers had been brought up in a tight-knit coal mining town in West Virginia. When he moved to L.A. in his early twenties he missed the tight connections of his home town.

In an interview he said, "I bought a little piano and I was sitting there just running my fingers up and down the piano. In the course of doing the music, that phrase crossed my mind, so then you go back and say, 'OK, I like the way that phrase, Lean On Me, sounds with this song.'"

Covered by many different artists, "Lean on Me" is one of only nine songs to have reached No. 1 in the US Singles Charts with versions recorded by two different artists.[Wikipedia]

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