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Learning the Guitar - Crash Course

Level 1 - Crash Course for new Guitar players

What is included in the Crash Course...

In Level 1 we introduce you to the way the standard 6-String Guitar works. We explain introductory topics with short audio and video, and provide exercises and simple songs to illustrate. We begin with playing simple scales and songs, then move on to chords...

Work through the lessons, practice the exercises, and in roughly two months you will be playing the guitar. You will be able to...

  • Read simple guitar music
  • Play simple melodies both with music and by ear
  • Play chords along with many songs
  • Play along with other musicians
  • Quickly learn even more in the future.


You will have access to hundreds of popular songs with melodies, chords and much more!

Level 1 - Exercises and Songs (practice tracks)