Practice Tracks for Guitar Players

Level 1 Guitar (for Beginners)

Lesson 1: Parts of the Guitar

Summary of this Lesson:

In this lesson we learn about the important parts of the guitar, how strings make notes, how frets work and change the pitch of notes. We briefly discuss tones and semi-tones, the Chromatic Scale, and talk a little about the Octave fret (fret 12).

There's no playing here, unless you want to follow along with the video. We get some terminology out of the way, and discuss how frets work. Most people don't seem to understand much about guitar frets. They're like piano keys in a couple of important ways.

Watch the video and you'll see what I mean.

After this exercise work on the following:

Exercise: G Major Scale starting at low E3

Song: Ode to Joy in G (starting on E3)