Learn Guitar with this Free Guitar Course

This free guitar course will take you from 0 to 60 in just 8 easy lessons. We show you how to finger the guitar strings, play guitar chords, and strum your guitar along with familiar songs. You'll be playing your guitar around the campfire, at home, or with friends. This is a perfect way to avoid costly lessons.

In-Person Lessons vs Online Guitar Lessons

Online guitar lessons offer some obvious advantages:
  1. They are much cheapeer than in-person lessons.
  2. No need to travel for expensive in-person guitar lessons.
  3. Watch online guitar lessons any time day or night.
  4. Play the video lesson multiple times.

Group Guitar Lessons vs Individual Guitar Lessons

In our experience teaching new guitar players individually and in groups, group guitar lessons are just as effective. Of course this depends on the age of the student, their motivation, and the amount of practice they do.

Age is not nearly as important as motivation and practice. These are the two most important factors determining who is a successful guitar student and who gives it up before getting over the initial learning stages.

Guitar students in groups can learn from fellow participants. They also provide motivation to keep up with the guitar group.

Dedicated Online Guitar Course vs Learning Guitar from Youtube videos

Of course it depends on the quality of the course you are following, and the quality of the Youtube guitar videos you are watching. But generally the most common criticism of Youtube videos for new guitar players is that they are often not correlated with the skill level of the guitar student. This often gets the student going in directions that he or she is not yet ready for.

A well-planned and well-executed beginners guitar course will take the guitar student through the appropriate steps one after the other. A good guitar course will teach guitar fundamentals at the right time. This leads to striking the guitar strings correctly, fingering the guitar strings the proper way, learning and playing a wide variety of the most popular guitar chords, and strumming the guitar along with familiar songs that are within the skill level of the student.

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