Lesson 1 - Basics

  1. Drum kit names
  2. How to hold drum sticks
  3. Striking the sticks - wrists not arms

Lesson 2 - Counting

  1. Intro to Counting Out Loud
  2. Quarter Note Exercise
  3. Eighth Note Exercise
  4. Quarter and Eighth Note Exercise
  5. Intro to Notation

Lesson 3 - Simple Beats and Fills

  1. Intro to Drum Beats and Fills
  2. Simple Beats - Quarters and Eighths
  3. Simple Fills Using Eighth Notes
  4. Simple Fills Using 16th Notes

Lesson 4 - Testing Speed and Accuracy

In this lesson we establish a "baseline" for your abiliy to strike a drum accurately. We will use this baseline to monitor your progress as we go along.

  1. Accurately striking 1/4s and 1/8ths
  2. Accurately striking 1/16ths
  3. How fast can you go?
  4. Stick flipping exercise

Lesson 5 - Bass Drum Basics

In this lesson we look at two different ways to play the bass drum. Then we work on some exercises to demonstrate how the bass drum fits into your playing.

  1. Review Increasing Speed and Accuracy
  2. Playing The Bass Drum
  3. Alternative Bass Patterns
  4. Alternative Bass Patterns

Lesson 6 - More Fills

  1. Review

Lesson 7 - Single and Double Rolls

  1. Review

Lesson 8 - Cymbals

  1. Review